Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of a free challenge? + -

The Free Challenge is only for familiarizing yourself with the analysis panel and testing the broker's servers. You can create a Free Challenge to get familiar with the analysis panel and environment before participating in paid challenges, as well as to test the broker's servers.

Currently, each person can create only one free challenge with his account, and this challenge will be deactivated 5 days after the creation of the account. Participation in the free challenge is possible for each person once.

Where can I see my account analysis? + -



In "My challenges" area in the recent challenges list you can view the analysis of your challenges by clicking the analysis option.


The creation of the challenge in Propy is done by the trader, what is the meaning of this sentence? + -

 With the new update of the propiy site, after placing an order on the site, people have the ability to send a request to create an account from the challenge creation option. With this feature, the trader can create his account and start trading within 30 days. The entire process of creating an account and receiving it will be done in the user panel itself.

I chose the wrong broker when placing an order, can I change it? + -

 Before sending the request to create an account, a trader can send his request to change the broker by informing the site's online support or opening a ticket. After sending the account creation request, it will not be possible to change the broker.

How can I pay for the challenges ? + -

You can pay for the challenges using Tether Trc20 cryptocurrency.


After participating in the challenge, how much time do I have to make the first trade ? + -

 After participating in the challenge, a person can send an account creation request and make the first trade within 30 days. The test time will be calculated from the first trade.

If I pass any of the challenge stages before the deadline, how long will it take me to get to the next level? + -


To pass each level, The trader must have 5 trading days, after completing 5 trading days, the trader can request to create an account for the next level from the requests menu.

How is the trading day calculated? + -

 The basis for calculating the number of trading days is the opening of one trade per day. For example, if you open a trade today and keep the position open for 2 days and do not open a new trade in the coming days, only one trading day will be registered for you.

What is the usage of investor password? + -

Investor's password is only for displaying Trades or history of account and does not have the ability to open and close trades, and if the trader wants to see the history of trades and account status, he can enter the Metatrader account with this password. To open position in Metatrader, you must log in with the master password.

Which broker does Propy recommend? + -

 The choice of broker depends on your trading strategy, and Propy's suggestion is that the trader either participates in the free challenge or creates a demo account similar to the servers offered in the challenge, to test the desired server.

How to start ? + -


By creating a client area, you can participate in the challenges. After participating in the challenge and creating an account, you have 30 days in the first challenge to achieve the goals of the first challenge. After achieving the desired goals, you can Send a account creation request from the requests section, in the second challange, you have 60 days to achieve the goals of this step, after reaching the goals of the second challange, you will send the Real account creation request from the requests section, in this step, you will not have a time limit and you can withdraw the generated profit at the rate of 80% afer 30 days of receving real account.

Where can I read the rules of the challenge? + -

You can read the rules of the challenge in the clinet area .

After payment, how long will it take to receive the account information? + -

Account information will not be sent to you in the new update of Propy site, after confirming the order, you can select the desired order number from the My Challenges menu and select the option to send a request to create an account.

Your account will be created in 10-15 minutes and will be visible in the list of my challenges.

What brokers can I use to start the challenge? + -

Currently, the brokers that you can use to start the challenge are as follows

Metatrader 4:

Alpari-Pro.ECN-Demo Leverage 1:100

RoboForex-Demo Leverage 1:100

ForexTimeFXTM-ECN-Demo Leverage 1:100

ForexTime-ECN-Demo Leverage 1:30

Metatrader 5:

Alpari-MT5-Demo Leverage 1:100

Do I have to create an account on the broker's website? + -


No, the entire process of creating an account is done through using the Propy site in the client area.

Will I receive a certificate after passing the two challenge step? + -

Yes, the certificate is created automatically in Propy and after passing the first steps (Challenge Pass) and after passing the second step (Verification Pass) and after withdrawing profit in the real accounts (Withdarawal), all the certificates are in the clinet area. Certificates menu will be visible.

If I have passed the challenges in less time, do I have to wait until the end of each level? + -

No, you need to have 5 trading days to complete each level. After completing 5 trading days, you can send the next stage account creation request from the requests section.

Can I not trade for a while in the Real account? + -


There is no time limit in the real account and you can, not trade for a while, but if you plan not to trade in the account for more than one month, inform about this by sending a ticket.

Which part should I use for authentication? + -

After entering the client Area, you will see the authentication section from the right menu, use this section to send authentication documents.

Can Anyone With any Nationality Authenticate their Identity in Propiy? + -


Yes , We Welcome Traders From Any Nationality in our Prop firm

How is my starting challenge time calculated? + -

There is a 30/60 Days Deadline Starting from the moment your first trade is done and after the completion of your first trade you can view the deadlines in " My challenges list " in your client area

What does " The account equity decrease or loss of equity in account " mean? + -


The account equity decrease, or open trades, is the change in your account balance at any given moment. This number reflects the instantaneous impact of all open trades, and the decrease of this number is the basis for calculating daily and overall profit/loss."

My Account is eligible for resetting and extending, do I need to open a ticket? + -

You don't need to open a support ticket for resetting or extending your account. Instead, you can submit your request through the "Requests" menu. However, please note that you can only submit these requests after 27 days from the creation of your account. Your request will be reviewed on the final day of your challenge, and you will be informed of the result.

What methods are available for withdrawing profits? + -

To make your first withdrawal, you must wait for 30 days after creating your real account. Once this time has passed, you can submit a withdrawal request using the "Profit Withdrawal" menu. After the profits are divided, a new account will be created for you. For subsequent withdrawals, you will need to wait for 14 days after receiving the account. It is worth noting that you can receive the profits in Tether cryptocurrency.

How and When is the refund done? + -


After completing both challenges, your refund will be processed in the first profit withdrawal.

I have reset my account once, can I request another reset? + -

Yes, you can request account reset as many times as you wish but extend requests are only possible once in the first challange

I do not use stop loss for my trades, have I violated any rules? + -

No, there has been no violation of rules, there is nessecity to use stop loss in propiy prop firm .However, we recommend using stop loss for better trade management.

Is it possible to merge accounts in the challenge period? + -


No, account merging will only be possible after entering the real account, and then the trader can submit a request to merge their accounts through a ticket to the technical team, either upon logging in or after withdrawing profits.