rule # 1

Level 1 Rules

Account  type: demo
Broker: traders choice beween supported brokers by Propiy
profit target dedline : 30 day
Profit target: 8%
maximum daily loss: 5%
Maximum loss: 12%
Minimum trading day: 5 day

rule # 2

Level 2 Rules

Account  type: demo
Your Selected Broker 
profit target dedline : 60 day
Profit target: 4%
maximum daily loss: 5%
Maximum loss: 12%
Minimum trading day: 5 day

rule # 3

Propiy Account Rules

Account  type: demo
Your Selected Broker 
maximum daily loss: 5%
Maximum loss: 12%
80% profit split
after a period of 30 calendar days from the reciving Propiy account. 

rule # 4

Authentication Rules

After reaching the level 2 target and analyzing the account and confirmation of passing the challenge trader should send the Authentication ducuments through the clinet area in order to receive the Propiy account.

rule # 5

Propiy Challenge account information Rules

Trader should not change the Propiy challenge account information like password or investor password.
If this information change happens it’s a violation of the rules and the challenge is rejected

rule # 6

Drawdown rules

The basis for calculating daily drawdown is the account balance at the beginning of the day.
The basis for calculating Maximum drawdown is the initial account balance.
At any point in a day if the running and closed loss exceeds 5% of the account balance at the beginning of the day it will be considered 5% daily drawdown rule violation.
In a day if balance increases by making profit, The basis for calculating daily drawdown is still the account balance at the beginning of the day. this means you can risk more in that day.
If account goes to next day with the balance of 10200 (for example) The basis for calculating daily drawdown in next day is 5% of the account balance at the beginning of the new day (means 10200).
Maximum drawdown is 12% calculated from the initial account balance.

rule # 7

Extend rules

If the trader is unable to reach the profit target during the challenge and has complied with the drawdowns and completed the minimum number of trading days of the challenge and the account balance is positive, he can announce the extend request, in this case, after checking the account 10 days will be added to The end of his challenge time

rule # 8

withdrawal rules

Deposits and withdrawals are made through crypto currencies ( Tether). At the time of profit withdrawal, the trader announces the request for profit withdrawal to Propiy, and after checking the account status, the profit is divided and deposited for the trader, and the account is reset to start again. If violations are found, there will be no withdrawal for the trader.
The Profit Split on the Propiy Account is done on a monthly basis by default ,  for the first withdrawl After 30 days of receiving the propi account, the trader can send a profit withdrawal request from the clinet area , after the firs time this period reduce to 14 cleander day.

rule # 9

Broker change rules

It is possible in one of the following situations:
After passing one of the levels
After withdrawing the interest in the Propiy account
In case of account reset


rule # 10

Refund rules:

After passing the two levels of the challenge, with the first withdrawal, a 100% refund will be made to the trader through crypto currencies.

rule # 11

Hedge rules

The trader should not trade between the trading accounts in all levels of his challenge or real or with other traders in Propiy or with other prop forms, if the violation is done in such conditions, the accounts will be taken from the trader and the right to return the Fee paid for There will be no trader or traders involved in the transaction hedge, and Propiy has the right to terminate cooperation with the trader immediately. The use of trading hedges between accounts is outside the principles of correct risk management for the use of propiy services and capital management.

rule # 12

Forbidden Trading Practices

The use of very high leverage and outside of the appropriate risk creates problems for the management and provision of propiy propfirm services in the right way
Traders who try to create more than 80% of the target profit with a trading position in one trade or several trades on a trading symbol to pass the challenge or trade in very high-risk way on propiy accounts will not be accepted and violate the rules of risk management. and the trader's challenge account will not be accepted to pass the challenge or pay the generated profit. Of course, this rule does not apply to traders who have multiple transactions and their own trading style. The purpose of this law is only to prevent people who intend to go through all the steps with hedging or high risk.
(Keep in mind that such conditions can be seen in valid propfirms such as FTMO clause 5.4.1 in the terms and conditions section, and you can read them in their prohibited trading methods. This law will prevent people who violate the propfirm conditions from abusing them.)
We hope to be able to provide suitable conditions for successful and talented traders and provide a suitable and stable environment for providing services in Propiy.

rule # 13

Reset rules

If the trader does not reach the profit target during the challenge period or by calculating the Extend time and has complied with the drawdowns and completed the minimum number of trading days of the challenge and the account balance is positive, he can request to reset the account, in this case a new account will be given to him.

rule # 14

Tradable Symbols Rules

All broker symbols provided for traders are tradable. (Symbols of major, secondary, crypto, gold and commodity currency pairs and indices, etc.)

rule # 15

Rule for banning trade during important news in Alpari broker

Due to Alpari broker's problems in executing trade during important news, in general, trade during the release of important news (red news with a high degree of importance in economic calendars such as ForexFactory) for trading currency with news from 5 minutes before the news until 5 minutes after the news is forbidden. Violation of this law can be waived for 3 times a month. No trade or order should be executed within 5 minutes before and after important news, that is, activation of tp or sl, pending orders or manual opening and closing of trade is not allowed. For example, for USD, if there is any important news: there are restrictions on major currency pairs (currency pairs with the USD symbol), on XAUUSD and American indices (Dow, Nasdaq, S&P). This rule is to prevent entering with open trade into the extreme fluctuation of the market, as the demo servers do not have good coverage of the market conditions and the execution of orders.

rule # 16

Rules of acceptable styles for trading

We accept all trade styles such as swing, daily trade, scalp.

rule # 17

Rules for using Stop Loss

We have no obligation to use the Stop Loss in the two levels of the challenge and the Propiy account. (But we recommend that you consider using the loss limit tomanage the risk of your trades.)


rule # 18

Rules for the number of simultaneous active accounts for each trader

Each trader can have up to 3 accounts at the same time in the Propiy , if they reach the Real Propiy account after two challenge levels, they can be merged.

rule # 19

Copy trade rules

Traders should not do copy trading from other people's accounts. Only copy trade between one's own accounts is allowed.

rule # 20

Group trading rules

If you trade as a group and have several accounts at the group's disposal, as long as the trades are not done by copy trade (that is, in 90% of the entry points and profit and loss limits, there is no problem with team trading). For group trading, a ticket must be registered for the group trading team.

rule # 21

Rules for using the robot and EA

It's okay to use a trading robot (EA) only if it's one's intellectual property and proof of making the robot, otherwise we can't accept it, because your skill is important for our capital management. There is nothing wrong with using trader's assistants such as trading boards, etc., which are used for risk management. The use of robots or delayed arbitrage will not be accepted in this prop-form because it is not used in copy trade conditions.

rule # 22

Latency Arbitrage violation

Whenever, at the same time, in the same symbol, the price of a broker is presented with a different market price, and the trader uses this price difference for an unrealistic profitable transaction on the demo servers, the profit created is unrealistic and against the rules of all prop firms. And also propiy. In this situation, the trader will be given a one-time notice of delayed arbitrage, and the generated trade profit will not be taken into account. If repeated, the trader's challenge account is considered failed and the trader cannot continue trading on the challenge or propiy account.

rule # 23

Martingale rules

There is no problem using martingale. If robots are used for this purpose, the robot must be designed by the trader himself. To prove this, first register a ticket on the site so that we can check.

rule # 24

Challenge refund rules

The refund of the challenge money is only done if the person has not created the challenge account, if the person creates a challenge, the refund does not include the person. If the challenge has not been created, the person has the opportunity to submit a return request in 15 days after placing the order  otherwise the money return will not include the person.